Phalia International

HONORABLE EMPLOYERS We Welcome you here Please enter your requirements. You will be answered very shortly.

Please be satisfied that all of your information will be keep confidential. Please don’t forget to specify your confidential preferences.

We select the required persons by many sources.
We have a very comprehensive CVs Bank. Normally candidates are selected from this. However we also advertise the requirements in leading Newspapers.
Our services for local jobs are absolutely free. For foreign jobs, the service charges are negotiable. Some companies pay the service charges, whereas others want these charges to be paid by the candidates. Some time we advertise for the client and ad charges are also included either in service charges or the expenditures is equally distributed. However service charges are always mutually negotiated during recruitment.
After receiving the applications a panel of professionals select the Candidates. Then we wait for the instructions of our principals for final selection. After selection candidates are sent for comprehensive medical check up from the G.C.C approved medical center. At the end passports are submitted in the Consulate for Visa endorsement.